RBG Adults and Older People’s Services Community Cohesion Grant

The third round of this funding pot has now closed.

Deadline was 31 March 2017

The fourth round will open in January 2018.

Please note if you are thinking about applying for funding in 2018 the guidance notes and application form will have been altered for this funding round.

To obtain funding please read the guidance notes and the GAVS small grants conditions of grant aid.

If you feel that you have a project that meets the requirements, please complete the application form. When developing the project, please be aware that you will need to fill in METRO GAVS community cohesion grant monitoring report  and provide case studies within one month of completing the project. A suggested case-study-proforma is available here.

If you have any queries please contact info@gavs.biz or phone us on 020 8309 8231

Top Tips
a. Check your budgets add up
b. Concentrate your funding on adults
c. Be clear how the funding will enhance an event/project if this is part of a bigger scheme
d. Demonstrate clearly how you will work with vulnerable adults
e. Don’t tick all the outcome and priority boxes; focus in on one or two outcomes/priorities
f. Seek support from a GAVS Development officer. Please note these GAVS’ staff members when supporting you will not pass on any information about this support or the contents of the bid to the GAVS Chief Executive (Naomi Goldberg) to ensure the integrity of the grants panel
g. Make sure your management committee/board/trustees are aware of the bid and its contents
h. Ask someone who hasn’t been closely involved in writing the bid to read the bid through before you send it off
i. Be innovative
j. Complete all sections of the form