Council cuts: reply from Frances Dolan on behalf of Cllr Peter Brooks

We received a reply from Frances Dolan on Tuesday 19th July responding to the email sent by GAVS chair Martyn Coe to the Cllr Peter Brooks, lead member for the voluntary and community sector, seeking clarification about the 50%  cuts on the commissioning budgets.

For the response click here.

Unfortunately our questions weren’t fully answered. Therefore Martyn will be sending another email to Peter asking for further clarification on the following matters:

*Why is the Council proposing that a cut of 50% should be made to the Commissioning budget rather than the 40% saving indicated by DCLG? (this was not answered in the letter)

* Why is the Council seeking much higher levels of cuts across the board in comparison with other councils in the area; most are proposing 25%? (this was not answered in the letter)

* Clarification as to whether the voluntary and community sector is seen as a stand alone service which could be deprioritised in comparison with other services i.e. receive a disproportionately higher level of cuts than the rest of the council or whether voluntary and community providers are seen as part of a specific service area (e.g. homelessness) and so in this case the level of cuts imposed would be the same as that on the service as a whole.

GAVS is keen to include sector questions and concerns in this email, so if there are any other matters you feel should be included, please could you let Naomi Goldberg know by 12noon on Friday 23rd July.