Third Sector Voice in Greenwich

The Local Government Act 2000 introduced the concept of Local Strategic Partnership (LSP).

This is a single body that brings together representatives of the public, private and third sectors in each London Borough, to support each other and work together.

In Greenwich, the LSP is “The Greenwich Partnership”. The Greenwich Partnership engages in key strategic discussions and local decision making to deliver the Greenwich Strategy (a vision for Greenwich)

To enable this to happen there are also a number of partnership boards/working groups underneath the Greenwich Partnership. These boards have a significant impact on the lives of people who live, work and visit the area. Considering the importance of the third sector in contributing towards quality of life in LBG’s (London Borough of Greenwich) area, it is important that representation of the third sector on these boards and sub-boards is handled effectively and the third sector’s voice is heard and acted upon.

However, effective representation requires networking and coordination.

That is why GAVS (Greenwich Action for Voluntary Service) aims to assist local third sector groups (voluntary, community and faith organisations) to be effectively represented in LSP and public life in general. GAVS would like to provide support and training in order to allow groups to be effectively engaged. To do this, GAVS needs to identify current third sector representatives, as well as gaps in third sector representation and help to recruit new third sector representatives.

GAVS will support representatives with induction, training, a short guide to Third Sector Representation and one to one support where required.

If we in the third sector are going to enhance the quality of live in the LBG area, we need to better understand the plans and strategies that affect Greenwich. That is why GAVS asks representatives for feedback from each board meeting through a specially designed user-friendly feedback form. Main points of the meeting will be then included in the relevant GAVS e-bulletins and circulated among GAVS member organisations for information comments and/feedback. Third sector representatives will also be asked to feedback once a year to a relevant GAVS forum.

An Example

Pauline O’Hare, Development Officer at GAVS who works with third sector organisations providing services related to Health Well-Being, sits on the Health and Well-Being Strategic Partnership Board. This Board aims to support the effective co-ordination of cross-agency action to address the underlying causes of ill-health and health inequalities in Greenwich, through the Greenwich Health and Well-Being Strategy. ‘Cross Agency’ refers to the range of different bodies which take part (these vary according to the board) – in this case including the NHS and different departments within the council.  Pauline attended her first meeting on the 7th October this year. Below please find her feedback sheet for your information. Please send comments on the feedback sheet to Look out for feedback sheets in our e-bulletins from third sector representatives!


Here you can find feedback sheets from board meetings:

HWB Strategic Partnership Board 7th Oct 10

HWB Strategic Partnership Group 13th Jan 11

SAMAG 9th Dec 10

LAA Officer Group 9th Nov 10

LAA Board 9th Sep 10

Domestic Violence Project Management Board Sept 10