Youth Commissioning

As many of you are aware Greenwich recently announced formal plans to issue invitations to tender for delivery of its Universal Youth provision, including provision for disabled young people, to March 2015. On the 23rd March the council met with a range of providers to give further details of the process, click here to see the presentation given during that event.

Unlike the recent 3rd sector commissioning this process is open to any interested parties – local and national Civil Society organisations as well as those from the Private Sector. Following consultations and feedback this week it is clear that the views of our members vary about ways of engaging such an open field.  Our position is that we would primarily support any processes that would lead to local groups forming a consortium that could make a strong bid on any of the contracts on offer. However, until some point of exclusivity of negotiation is reached we are also aware that some groups may also wish to collaborate with national partners from either Civil Society or the Private sector.  Groups will differ over whether they wish to take this option, but our role will also be to support those groups who wish to explore this route.  We would like to emphasise that we are not in a position to tell organisations what to do on this issue; it is for them to decide and for GAVS to try to help them do it well.

  • Networking Spreadsheet – To support ongoing networking we will establish a spreadsheet with basic details (name, contact details and services) of Greenwich based Civil Society groups interested in collaborating on this subject. This will be placed on the GAVS ‘Youth Commissioning’ webpage and so will be open for any organisation to access. Organisations will choose to opt into this by completing the template attached (concisely) and returning it to For the current of interested local organisations, click here     
  • Networking Events –  GAVS will be holding a networking event linked to Youth Commissioning planning exclusively for Greenwich based third sector organisations on Weds 20th April 2-4pm. Venue: The ‘Centre Circle’ Suite, The Valley, Floyd Road SE7 8BL. Click here for a map of the location. At present the format of the event is flexible – we can have stalls for general networking, and/or we can organise a meeting for all interested groups to discuss the commissioning and possible collaborations. Please let Chris (020 8858 1363) know asap if you would like to attend, and whether you would be interested in having a stall and/or being part of a discussion. The council will soon be holding an open networking event, for any organisation interested in this commissioning. The event is expected to take place on the 6th May from 2-4pm. Further details of this event (including confirmation of venue) will be released soon by the Council.

If you have any further queries regarding this process please do not hesitate to contact