REMEMBER the TV Digital Switchover APRIL 2012

REMEMBER the TV Digital Switchover APRIL 2012
Free briefing sessions on TV Digital Switchover
Do you support any of the following groups:

  • older people;
  • people who are socially isolated;
  • those with sensory, mobility or dexterity impairments;
  • people who have mental health conditions;
  • those with English as second language/BAME; or
  • people with Learning Disabilities?

The Digital Switchover is coming and some of the people you support may be worried about the switch to digital TV. We can answer any questions they may have.

This is a reminder that April is fast approaching when the Digital Switchover will take place.

As the time draws near it is very likely that some of your clients or members will want to get some help or advice.

Gary Davis is working with Greenwich Action for Voluntary Service and is able to provide presentations to organisations or individuals between now and April.

He is also able to provide supporting leaflets explaining the switchover and how to retune

There are still small grants available of up to £500 which can be awarded to organisations who may want to organise a specific event; this could be used to hire a hall, buy refreshments or transport costs.

Contact or Tel: 07877 768307 for more information