Self-harm Awareness Campaign


March 1st is International Self-harm Awareness Day. To mark this event Greenwich Safeguarding Children Board (GSCB) is launching a 2-week long campaign from 1 March – 15 March to raise general awareness about self-harm in children and young people. A special website will host an information hub which workers, parents, carers as well as children and young people can visit to get information about self-harm and services that offer help. The   GSCB website  will become active on March 1st.

GAVS supports keeping children and young safe and encourages its members to show their active support for the self-harm campaign. Here are some of the things that members could do:

  • Display posters in your organisation
  • Hand out fact sheets about self-harm. You can find some examples here, on this website, here and here.
  • Mention #SIAD on your social networks and link to this page
  • Include an article in your organisation’s newsletter
  • Hold an event for staff, volunteers or young people.
  • Show your support by wearing orange clothes and encouraging others to do the same (orange is the colour for self-injury awareness)

Let us know what you plan to do by completing this online form.