How to find METRO GAVS

Address: 1st Floor, Woolwich Equitable House, 7 General Gordon Square, London, SE18 6FH
Tel: 020 8305 5000

Map of our location

Getting to METRO GAVS/Equitable House
The entrance to the Equitable Building is on Woolwich New Road opposite the DLR (Woolwich Arsenal) and mainline stations (Woolwich Arsenal), marked as the Equitable House Business Centre entrance.
Free parking is available for 3 hours in the Tescos’ Car Park; enter via the north side of General Gordon Square on Woolwich New Road which is a continuation of Grand Depot Road.

Google Street View of the Building

Finding us in Equitable House
METRO GAVS is on the second floor of the Equitable Building, Suite 204. Turn right when you come out of the lift and press the GAVS buzzer and someone will let you in. Then turn left immediately after the double doors.
If you are coming for a training or Forum meeting, turn left when you come out of the lift and press the METRO GAVS/VCG training room buzzer. Once you are let in, turn right after the kitchen and the training room is the second door on the left.