June’s Spotlight – Hungarian Culture and Heritage Society (HC&HS)

Fact File

Who: Hungarian community – right across London

What: The promotion of Hungarian culture and heritage, through family events and festivals. Also support Hungarian craftsmen and artists in the UK.

Where: Greenwich, Ealing, Watford and other places around Greater London

Q. Tell us a bit about your organisation

The members of HC&HS are dedicated to bringing together different communities in London through organising cultural events, which give people of different nationalities the opportunity to get to know one anothers heritage and culture.

Q. How did you start?

We began in May 2011, with just three trustees. One of the main objectives of our young and energetic team was to provide a platform for Hungarian artists living in the UK to display their art to the British public.

Q. Biggest Highlight?

Being one of the co-organisers of the Ealing Autumn Festival, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Franc Liszt, the Hungarian composer and pianist. HC&HS took responsibility for organising all cultural programmes for the duration of the two-week festival.

Q. Biggest Challenge?

We are continuously looking for partner organisations to cooperate in joint cultural events. We are also looking for a permanent venue for workshops for our supported craftsmen and artists.


info@hchs.org.uk         www.hchs.org.uk